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NEWPORT, RI (October 1, 2017):   


Fortress of Nightmares returns to Fort Adams in October for its thirteenth season in a row and adds a brand new haunted attraction.  Fortress of Nightmares is a fundraiser that benefits the Fort Adams Trust. The haunted attraction features: “Tunnels of Terror, Mayhem in Three-D, and Paranormal 360”.  Fortress of Nightmares had doubled in size last year with the recent work done to stabilize the flooring in the South Wall of the fort. The stabilization allows for use of the space to create a new haunted attraction, “Mayhem Three-D”. “Mayhem Three-D” is a black lighted attraction with guests wearing special 3D glasses to enhance their experience. Mayhem is the largest haunted attraction at Fort Adams this year, eclipsing “Tunnels of Terror” by over 300 square feet. 


“Tunnels of Terror” are an intricate maze of ghoulish horror built inside the Fort Adams underground tunnel system. The attraction features a number of scare-actors who will jump-out of their hiding places and provide guests with a high-startle experience. 

“Mayhem Three-D” is another maze, using black lighting and three-D Glasses to provide guests with a unique haunt experience. Scare-actors will be hiding in plain sight, but with the use of makeup and Three-D elements, they won’t be easily spotted until it’s too late. 

“Paranormal360” uses the latest in 360 degree video technology and immerses guests into the scenery. With added live special effects, the video is watched through a special virtual reality headset.


Prior or upon conclusion of the event, guests can purchase food and beverage at Blackstone Caterers’ “A Fork in the Road” food truck that will be right outside the main gate. There will also be event themed merchandise for purchase at the Gift Shop.


“Fortress of Nightmares is our premiere event for the year and our largest fund raiser,” stated Dave Martland, president of the Fort Adams Trust. “Each year we continually improve on the visitor experience and this year we are introducing our new ‘Mayhem Three-D’ maze,” he added.


“Each year we create new fun and scary elements for Fortress of Nightmares as we have done with this year with Mayhem,” mentioned Dave Prata, lead creative director for the event.  “We come up with successful attractions by visiting other haunted Halloween festivals throughout the country and learn about their exhibits that are enjoyed by all,” he further stated.


Fortress of Nightmares dates are October 13-14, 20-21, and 27-28,  7-10 P.M. each night. Tickets are $15 per person with participation in “Paranormal360” an additional $5.  It is recommended that attendees be at least 12 years old and up.  For more information on Fortress of Nightmares go to:  http://fortressofnightmares.com/


About the Fort Adams Trust:

The Fort Adams Trust is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit responsible for preservation, programming, and promoting the National Historic Landmarks in Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island. Over 100,000 people tour the Fort and attend events in the Park annually. The Trust accepts donations to support its preservation and programming missions. http://www.FortAdams.org